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Killer Tips for Cold Weather Pike Hunting

As aggressive as northern pike are, many anglers think of them almost exclusively in terms of warm weather. The thing about predators that aggressive is that the need for energy to sustain them, and their appetite, doesn’t stop when the temperature drops. With some solid tips, and the addition of an underwater fishing camera, you can be slaying winter pike with the best of them, whether on ice or open water.

Using the GoFish Cam (and Other Tips) for Slaying Cold Weather Crappie

Crappie can be notoriously fickle fish on the ice or on open water. Crappie are challenging fish, amazing fighters for their size, and they’re great eating. They’re well worth the challenge, and offer an opportunity for cold-weather fishing. Since they can be such a challenge, here are a few tips to help along the way and to get you started. Among the most effective of those tips is employing the GoFish Cam, the in-line underwater fishing camera that can prove an advantage to cold weather crappie fishing. If you know any crappie anglers (or those who prefer other species), find out why the GoFish Cam should win spot one on any winter (or summer) gifts for fisherman list.

Unbeatable Strategies for Finding Killer Honey Holes When Fishing

Whether you’ve been fishing a body of water for years or just discovered a new favorite spot, fish and the environment are always full of surprises. It can take some work and planning to fish that body of water without getting skunked. Thankfully, there are some reliable strategies for identifying the honey holes, conspicuous or hidden, in virtually any body of water. Those strategies can range from basic environmental observation to employing a fish camera underwater. Here are a few tips that should improve the odds of both the seasoned and beginner angler.

4 Killer Tips for Improving Your Trolling Success

Trolling can serve as the boating equivalent of napping on a riverbank with a straw hat over your face, and a bell attached your rodyou throw one or two lines in, set the boat on cruise, and kick back. No judgment, thats a better way to spend the day than most and is sometimes exactly whats called for. These tips, however, are for a more active, engaged breed of trolling. Its about the kind of trolling employing an underwater fishing camera, dynamic use of the bait, and analysis of conditions. If thats the kind of trolling youre interested in, the kind far more likely to catch fish, read on.