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The GoFish Cam Underwater Fishing Camera is an Outdoorsman’s Dream

A good fisherman (or woman) knows that in order to land a great catch, you need a whole lot of elements to come together. A fishing expert is adaptable and understands the balance you need of favorable weather, air and water conditions. But if a true fisherman is really being honest, they also know you need a healthy amount of mystery and luck. But thanks to the innovative minds at GoFish Cam, the mysterious part of fishing is all but answered. 

How Underwater Fishing Cameras Can Save The Day And Help Catch Fish!

On a day where there was a good spell forecasted, Micheal and I decided to have a crack out deep for some early beasts. The tides were obviously big but it was worth a try to see what we could catch during the few hours when the tide wasn't so strong.
So out we went, but not only was the breeze a lot more than the forecast, we could also see a huge swell running where we wanted to fish. So we anchored up and fished for bait and whatever else was about.

Luring in LowLight Lunkers: Use GoFish Cam For Deep Freshwater Fishing

Fishing deep water for big fish offers a breed of anticipation and thrill that’s entirely unique. It’s also a skill every angler should cultivate. As the temperature goes up, those lunkers head down to the cool, dark, depths. The nature of deep freshwater fishing, however, almost guarantees you’re “flying blind” and if you miscalculate, the chances of being skunked are high. The good news is, there’s a way to illuminate that darkness, provide some priceless angling insights, and have a whole lot of fun while you’re at it. Next time you go deep, rig up with a fish camera underwater from GoFish Cam. You’ll never go back to flying blind.

Why GoPros Aren't Great As Fishing Cams

GoPros are great for a lot of things. They can be attached to your helmet for some awesome skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, or mountain biking footage and they’re even pretty durable. However, when it comes to fishing, they don’t have as much to offer as a fish finder or an underwater fishing camera. But don’t give up on finding the perfect fishing camera just yet. You’ll be happy to know that there are much better options out there for you, like the GoFish Cam wireless underwater fishing camera. This fishing device attaches directly to your line, has a hydrodynamic shape for stable footage, and captures high-quality HD footage at 1080p and 60fps that can downloaded straight to your phone once reeled in. Read on to learn why we don’t recommend GoPros for fishing.