The GoFish Cam Underwater Fishing Camera is an Outdoorsman’s Dream

The GoFish Cam Underwater Fishing Camera is an Outdoorsman’s Dream

A good fisherman (or woman) knows that in order to land a great catch, you need a whole lot of elements to come together. A fishing expert is adaptable and understands the balance you need of favorable weather, air and water conditions. But if a true fisherman is really being honest, they also know you need a healthy amount of mystery and luck. But thanks to the innovative minds at GoFish Cam, the mysterious part of fishing is all but answered. 



The GoFish Cam is similar to a GoPro in that it gives you a totally unique and up-close perspective on sporting action. The underwater fishing camera works by connecting to your fishing line. Fishermen don’t have to worry about the size of the camera dragging down their line, because the GoFish Cam is a tiny 11.5cm long and only weighs 94 grams. The camera’s distinctly compact size makes it ideal for capturing large saltwater fish and small-mouthed bass. 

The GoFish Cam provides the most accurate capture of any type of fishing in both saltwater and freshwater. The camera is perfect for trolling, casting, as well as bottom and float fishing. When bottom fishing, simply set up the camera on your rig and let it sink. Then watch as the camera records footage of your cast reeling in everything from flounder to striped bass. And despite the GoFish’s lightweight size, it still works perfectly on bigger fish thanks to the camera’s three stabilization fins and pre-weight system. The camera also has an astonishing 1000 pounds of tension rating-making it also fit for the bigger catches. 



Despite its smallish statue, our fishing camera still packs some of the most advanced technology on the modern camera market. Recording only in the highest HD quality (ranging from 1080@60FPS to 720P@ 60FPS), the camera comes with night vision and has built-in WiFi that seamlessly connects to both your iOS mobile phone and Android device. The night vision feature includes green LED’s that help detail any deep water night fishing cast. The camera also has a seriously impressive range, and it’s capable of being used effectively as far as 150 meters underwater which is roughly 500 feet. 

The total recording time of the GoFish starts at one and a half hours and can record as much as three hours of fishing footage. Here a quick taste of some of the camera’s immaculately detailed video. And with our slip float bobber accessory, you can live stream a float fishing cast to your mobile device. The accessory works by turning your camera into a bobber and keeps the camera above water where it’s able to fully capture all the underwater action happening below. 



In addition to the GoFish’s lightweight body and easy-to-use features, it also provides users with optimized information that will help make fishing more effortless than ever before. The camera provides insights on each individual catch and users can see the effectiveness of each lure and piece of bait they’re using. Fishermen can determine in real-time the exact type of fish in the area, the actual location of the fish and how they’re reacting to the bait and tackle you’re implementing in each cast. Also by capturing a successful cast and catch, users can re-watch the techniques of that catch to determine what made it successful. With the GoFish Cam fishermen can actually watch footage of the whole fishing experience for the first time. It’s what other sports refer to as “watching game tape” of their respective sport.

The GoFish Cam retails at a completely affordable $149.99 and is available right now on


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