10 Issues Anglers Face When Kayak Fishing - Part 1

10 Issues Anglers Face When Kayak Fishing - Part 1

There’s a common joke that the definition of the word boat is a “hole you throw money into,” or that boat is an acronym for “break out another thousand.” When it comes to motorized crafts, it can certainly feel like that’s the case! There’s a reason so many anglers stick to a kayak or canoe in order to get out on the water — and have more money to use on rigs and gear! But before you hop in your canoe, consider these common fishing problems anglers face when it comes to kayak fishing:

Safety First

We know, it feels uncomfortable and unnecessary to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) when you’re paddling along calm, sparsely populated waters. Yes, it feels even less necessary when you’re just sitting there and casting! But skipping the PFD is one of the biggest mistakes an angler can make, even if it’s not legally required in your area. Don’t just leave your PFD waiting in a storage compartment, either. Spend a few extra bucks and get one that fits comfortably and stop skipping your own safety!

Stay Legal

Speaking of safety, another big mistake anglers make is failing to ensure they follow local laws about their type of craft. There are fewer regulations about kayaks, but safety issues and fines can both be costly. Take the 30 minutes you’ll need to read up on local watercraft regulations. When it comes to kayaks, there aren’t many expensive safety needs, but make sure you’ve got a signalling device (like a whistle) and whatever else your area calls for. If you’re taking a trip, read up on the kayak requirements for your destination before you head out.

Check The Weather

Just because you’re in a plastic boat rather than a metal-prevalent one, that doesn’t mean you can — or should — ignore inclement weather warnings. High winds, heavy rain, and lightning are just as much of a danger no matter what kind of watercraft you use. Be sure to check the weather forecast for the whole day so you don’t get stuck in an unexpected downpour that wrecks the day.

Get Back In Safely

With kayaks in particular, it’s pretty easy to get in from the shore or a low dock. However, capsizings happen and you can’t always trust that you’ll be able to swim back to shore towing your kayak, so be sure to know how to get back in from the middle of a lake.

Strap Down Your Gear

Along those lines, more than one experienced angler has managed to lose valuable gear because it wasn’t well-secured. Invest in some waterproof boxes and tie-downs to make sure that everything you’re hauling for the day will stay in your kayak, even if it flips upside down.

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