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Planning Your First Fishing Trip This Spring

No matter where you live, there’s something about spring sweeping in that makes most folks want to head outdoors. Of course, as the water thaws, we know all you anglers are itching to dust off your gear and get out on the water. But wait! Before you throw everything in the back of the truck and head out without a plan, slow down for just a minute. A little bit of planning can help start this spring’s fishing on an amazing footing. Before you head out for your first fishing trip of the spring, start with these straightforward suggestions to make sure things go a little smoother.

Ice Fishing Is Nearly Ended — Soaking In The Last Days

It’s the time of year that the snow is melting and little green buds are starting to pop up through the earth. For those of us who really enjoy days out on the ice, the greenery of spring is a sad reminder that ice fishing is almost over for the season. On one hand, it means more opportunities to get out on open water are coming our way. On the other, it means there are so few days left to get out and enjoy the great atmosphere of a day on the ice. As we approach the end of ice fishing season, keep these tips in mind to wring out as much enjoyment as you can!

Killer Strategies for Fishing Tournament Practice and Preparation

There are fishing tournaments every year, all over the country, with substantial prize money at stake. For the pros (and enthusiasts) working those tournaments, a bad day on the water can mean the difference between loss and victory. That’s why smart pre-tournament practice sessions to gather information about the area and improve your angling technique are essential. However these pre-tournament scouting days take a lot of time and waste a lot of gas, but there’s a few strategies you can take to cut down on time and be more effective when pre-scouting, such as incorporating a fish camera underwater.

Features, Flora & Fish: Insights Only GoFish Cam Provides for Fishing

Whether they’d admit it or not, even the most serious angler can’t help but get a little bit giddy when rewatching the epic strikes and fights recorded by their GoFish Cam. Serious anglers can also take advantage of the fact that having a fish camera underwater gives them fishing insights that simply aren’t available from any other source. Any angler can use the GoFish Cam to access an absolute wealth of unparalleled angling information and intelligence, making it a great tool for evaluating and improving their strategy. These are a few of the underwater features that the GoFish Cam can reveal.