10 Issues Anglers Face When Kayak Fishing - Part 2

10 Issues Anglers Face When Kayak Fishing - Part 2

Pretty much any day spent out on the water is a good one — right? Usually yes, but if you’re making any of these common kayak fishing mistakes, your days might be closer to miserable! Explore these common mistakes anglers make when kayak fishing, and be sure to check back to part 1 for even more tips to make every kayak fishing trip as enjoyable as possible.

Don’t Skip Hydration

It’s a common thought process: when sitting out on the water for hours on end, it’s really easy to forget to hydrate — and no, we don’t mean the six-pack of beer you have waiting in the cooler. You’re surrounded by water, so hydrating yourself may not be on the mind, but it’s an essential element to a good day of kayak fishing. Make sure you pack enough water to keep you going throughout the day.

Watch What You Eat

Every angler has their preferred snacks for a day on the water. Chips, pretzels, and jerky are popular ones, and they have one dangerous ingredient in common: salt. Those salty snacks may taste great, but they are also helping to dehydrate your body faster. Consider grabbing some fruit, nuts, or power bars that are low in sodium to nosh on in between the chips. Protein will give you the energy to keep going while too much salt will end your day sooner.

Drink Responsibly

There are few things better than popping open a celebratory beer while you’re on the water. Just remember to indulge responsibly. On top of the mental impairment, alcohol also dehydrates you, giving a double-whammy of unpleasantness that can end your day in misery. Plus, have you experienced how hard it is to load your kayak after polishing off that six-pack? If you’re going to drink, be smart about it and give yourself plenty of time to sober up before you head back to the car.

Be Wary of Motorized Crafts

One of the biggest benefits of heading out in a kayak is that you can launch from pretty much anywhere. You can also fit in narrower/shallower passages than a motorized craft. But it’s important to know the rules of the “road” when motorized crafts are also around. Most anglers will follow the rules, but it’s important to stay aware for the instances that a motorized craft doesn’t see you or “doesn’t see you.”

Consider Your Hooks

It’s also surprisingly common for kayak anglers to experience some hook frustrations. One struggle we face that other watercrafts don’t is that the plastic material is soft enough to capture hooks. If you’re going to be kayak fishing, consider barbless hooks or smoothing down the barbs so the hooks will be easier to pull out whenever they get stuck in the plastic exterior of your kayak.

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