Summer Fishing — Tips to Better Prepare for Your Trips

Summer Fishing — Tips to Better Prepare for Your Trips

For most folks, summer is the prime time to get outdoors and enjoy life to the fullest! Whether you’re in the mood for trout or you’re all about that bass, the weather is warm and the days are long, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to get outside and enjoy those long days while you can! In order to get the most of your summertime fishing excursions, consider these summer fishing tips:

Beat the Heat

There’s no denying that summer days can be long and hot — especially when you’re on the water for hours at a time and the sun is reflecting back at you. Make your days a little less miserable by preparing for the sun. Find a strong waterproof sunblock, grab UV-protective clothing, and don’t forget a hat to shield your face. 

The good news is that you can use the heat of sunny summer days to your advantage. Many fish will head to the shade and suspend under cover, especially during the hotter parts of the day. Bass in particular can often be counted on to find some shaded water and face the sunnier areas. Try targeting the line where sun meets shade and let your bait free fall just beyond the shade. This can help you nab some choice catches — and maybe give you a break from the heat, too. 

Get In The Water

When you’re sitting in a boat with sunshine reflecting up at you, it can be harder to remember why you’re hanging out under the scorching sun when you could be sipping some iced tea from the comfort of your air conditioned home. Keep cool during the summer months by skipping the boat and grabbing your waders instead. You may need to alter your expectations — and your fishing rig — for different quarry, but standing in a cool, flowing river can help you avoid feeling like heat stroke is imminent. Of course, just because you’re in the water, don’t forget that you’ll still need protection from the sun. 

During summer, rivers and any other flowing water will likely be at their peak, so take precautions when choosing a fishing spot. The good news is that this is also high time for fat, tempting insects, which means the fish are likely to be biting. What to target? If the bass aren’t biting, consider targeting trout for a bit of a challenge. Crappies and bluegills are also good for species that provide a challenge but bite more abundantly, especially this time of year. 

Fish Smarter

It can be tough to beat the summer heat, but it’s not impossible when you fish smarter, not harder. Add an underwater fishing camera to your line to get a clear idea about how different species are affected by the heat, water levels, and so on. Then you can use this knowledge to shape your rigs and inform where you set up shop for the day. 

Learn more about summertime fishing tips and grab a high-quality underwater fishing camera online from GoFish Cam today and make the most of your summer on the water!

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