Planning Your First Fishing Trip This Spring

Planning Your First Fishing Trip This Spring

No matter where you live, there’s something about spring sweeping in that makes most folks want to head outdoors. Of course, as the water thaws, we know all you anglers are itching to dust off your gear and get out on the water. But wait! Before you throw everything in the back of the truck and head out without a plan, slow down for just a minute. A little bit of planning can help start this spring’s fishing on an amazing footing. Before you head out for your first trip of the season, start with these straightforward spring fishing tips to make sure things go a little smoother.

Pick Your First Spot In Advance

There’s definitely a bit of a thrill in the idea of heading out and seeing where the day takes you. While it’s not quite as much of an adventure-seeker option, it can help to make your first trip of the year go a bit smoother if you pick your spot in advance. The big reason we suggest this is so that you can be prepared to make up for any missing amenities. If you’ll be camping, know whether there’s a campsite with bathrooms nearby. Picking your spot can also tell you how close you’ll be able to get with your vehicle, and whether you’ll need to be ready to pack and carry all of your gear for the day.

Know What You’re Fishing

This goes along with picking your spot in advance. If you know which species are in that location, and which species you want to target, this will make sure you’re prepared with the right bait and other gear. It can make a big difference in your day if all you have is catfish bait but your fishing spot is full of bass.


Check Your Gear

Who knows what might have happened in the time between packing all your gear away for the winter and now. Before you head out, check over your gear, ensure everything is in good working order, and check that you’ve got all the gear you’ll need — which you should know since you’ve picked your fishing spot already! Don’t forget to check that your fishing line camera and other fishing electronics are charged and ready to go.

Make Boat Arrangements

Unless you know you’ll be able to access all parts of the water from the shoreline, or maybe from a bridge, you’ll want to think about how you plan to get out on the water. If you own a boat, make sure it’s been de-winterized and ready to go. For those without a boat of their own, remember that you’ll be competing with every other angler itching to get out on the water. Find a friend with a boat or make arrangements in advance to secure your water-based transportation for the trip.

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