Why the GoFish Cam Is an Invaluable Tool for Ice Fishing

Why the GoFish Cam Is an Invaluable Tool for Ice Fishing

A GoFish Cam is one of those perfect gifts for fisherman to use in summertime. You can just imagine your friend or loved one enjoying using it on a sunny day out on the water, taking spectacular footage of their strikes. But it’s not just a gift for summer use! Winter offers a fresh fishing dynamic in ice fishing, and a fun and fruitful opportunity to put the GoFish Cam to use. The next time you dust off the ice rigs, tip-ups, auger, and thermos of something warm, consider taking your ice fishing game to the next level by including a GoFish Cam with your gear. Or, if you’re struggling to think of gifts for your favorite angler, add an ice fishing camera to this year’s Christmas list.

Safety First

Being safe is always a priority when fishing, but ice fishing is accompanied by a whole series of specific risks and challenges. Ice fishing safety should begin before you even step outside by letting people know exactly where you plan to be fishing, and when you plan to return. Bring a buddy along as well.

If you’re giving an ice fishing camera as a gift, offer to be the buddy and join them out on the ice! Fishing isn’t just more fun when shared: it’s also a lot safer. In addition to your nice, warm layers of clothing, bring an extra set of warm clothes in a waterproof bag just in case.

GoFish Cam Allows You to Scout Spots
One of the most useful features of the GoFish Cam for ice fishing is having access to an underwater fishing camera that records and lets you review when you reel in, and can also live-stream on the surface with a float attachment. That means you don’t have to simply guess about how productive a prospective honey hole is going to be. Now, you can literally take a look beneath the surface and scout for aquatic life. It removes much of the guesswork that can result in spending a day crouched on the ice with nothing to show for it.

GoFish Cam Live-Streams
Live-streaming has benefits beyond immediately scoping fish life beneath the hole you’ve drilled with your auger. It can also reveal specific species lurking below, providing insight that will allow an angler to fine-tune their gear and their approach. Additionally, having that fish camera underwater can be a huge contributor to landing more fish by allowing you to set the hook at the moment a bite takes place.

Fish are more sluggish in the winter, which generally means less aggressive strikes. On top of which, there are a number of species, particularly panfish like bluegill and crappie, that can have exceedingly soft hits. They can suck a bait in, hold it, and spit it out without it registering as a line-tug or float dip. Plus, if you see the fish approaching your bait and turning away from it, you can switch it up to something they’ll find more intriguing.

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