About Us

Mission Statement

To see the unseen, catch the uncatchable, and enhance the fishing experience.

The GoFish Cam

GoFish Cam is an in-line underwater fishing camera that captures incredible HD footage of the strike and fight. With the GoFish Cam, you have a window to the other side. GoFish Cam completely transforms fishing into a more rewarding experience for anglers of any age and fishing skill level. GoFish Cam is perfect for novices to learn and have fun fishing and for experts to gain unique intel to catch more fish than ever before.

Amateur anglers use the camera to get feedback on what they could do to improve. Skilled anglers use the cameras to understand what is happening underwater so they can adjust their approaches to catch more fish.  Pros use the cameras before tournaments to pre-scout and find their honeyholes faster. Charter captains use the cameras to enhance their fishing trips. TV show hosts and Youtube stars use the cameras to capture awe-inspiring footage. Fishing has entered a new age with GoFish Cam.

Our Story

Brandon Austin, the founder of GoFish Cam came up with the idea for the product while fishing with his family. Some days the fish would bite as soon as the hook hit the water. Other days they wouldn’t see a nibble. Brandon became frustrated because he never knew what he was doing wrong. There were too many unknown variables and the learning curve seemed impossibly steep. That’s when it hit him - What if you could see what was happening underwater? What if you could attach a camera directly to the fishing line

Brandon started talking to every angler he could find about how they would use an in-line fishing camera. They LOVED it. The feedback he got was overwhelmingly positive and Brandon knew he had something special. After months of exhaustive R&D, Brandon put a prototype on Kickstarter. The community embraced the idea, helping him raise the seed money that he needed to start GoFish Cam in just a few weeks. Driven by a strong foundation of angling enthusiasts, the help of his brother Ryan, and his personal obsession with fishing, Brandon developed and launched the GoFish Cam in 2015.

About the Company

At GoFish Cam, we believe that people deserve more from their employers. It is vital that employees are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We also think it’s important that every employee understands and appreciates fishing so we can design better products and better serve our customers. For these reasons, in addition to their normal paid time off, every employee gets five Go Fish Days to take off work and go fishing.


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