Luring in LowLight Lunkers: Use GoFish Cam For Deep Freshwater Fishing

Luring in LowLight Lunkers: Use GoFish Cam For Deep Freshwater Fishing

Fishing deep water for big fish offers a breed of anticipation and thrill that’s entirely unique. It’s also a skill every angler should cultivate. As the temperature goes up, those lunkers head down to the cool, dark, depths. The nature of deep freshwater fishing, however, almost guarantees you’re “flying blind” and if you miscalculate, the chances of being skunked are high. The good news is, there’s a way to illuminate that darkness, provide some priceless angling insights, and have a whole lot of fun while you’re at it. Next time you go deep fishing for lunkers, rig up with a fish camera underwater from GoFish Cam. You’ll never go back to flying blind.

Getting Their Attention

Freshwater anglers hunting for trophies suspended in the lower zones of the water column are generally targeting one of two classes of fish. They’re either after big members of more traditionally shallow water species like bass that have gone deep in the heat of summer, or the “silver fish” salmonids—lake trout, steelhead, coho salmon, and chinook salmon. Since it’s dark, it makes sense to choose more brightly-colored artificial lures or something like a silver flutter spoon to draw hits. The GoFish Cam also features a green LED light which does double duty as illumination for your videos, as well as potentially attract fresh water species like bass, walleye, and silver fish.

Depth Perceptions

The GoFish Cam can offer a solution to one of the most frustrating challenges of deep water fishing—what depth are the fish at. Having an underwater fishing camera provides an insight that there’s simply no other way to achieve. For instance, using a GoFish Cam with a downrigger while trolling gives you a known depth to use as perspective. When you watch videos of trolling passes you’ve made, spotting fish below or above the depth you’re at can pinpoint exactly how deep you should be.

Deep Intelligence

Another reason that the GoFish Cam is a topper on so many anglers’ “gift ideas for fishing lovers” lists is the assistance it can provide with perfecting lure and bait choice. When you’re casting or trolling and getting no hits, it’s virtually impossible to know why. Are you at the wrong depth? Are there no fish in the region at all? Or, are the fish there but uninterested in what you’re offering them? One of the most helpful revelations anglers have reported the GoFish Cam providing is watching video of their lure or bait passing through schools of indifferent fish. That means no more wasting time on bait that’s not doing the trick, and with the GoFish Cam you can review that footage while on the water, once you reel in, to get actionable insights and catch more fish!


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