4 Killer Tips for Improving Your Trolling Success

4 Killer Tips for Improving Your Trolling Success

Trolling can serve as the boating equivalent of napping on a riverbank with a straw hat over your face, and a bell attached your rod you throw one or two lines in, set the boat on cruise, and kick back. No judgment, that's a better way to spend the day than most and is sometimes exactly whats called for. These tips, however, are for a more active, engaged breed of trolling. It's about the kind of trolling employing an underwater fishing camera, dynamic use of the bait, and analysis of conditions. If that's the kind of trolling you're interested in, the kind far more likely to catch fish, read on to learn about our trolling tips.

 Variety of Presentation

The best way to vary the presentation of bait differs according to the situation. Some states allow anglers to have more than one rod, some don't. If multiple lines are allowed, or there are multiple anglers in the boat, try different baits on each line. Consider live bait (when allowed) and a teaser. Drop those baits to variable depths. If it's just you and you're not getting hits, don't remain married to a bait that worked well once conditions change and so should you!

If you're using a GoFish Cam, for example, you can even attach it to a dredge to troll several lures at a time. By doing this it's possible to test size, shape, and color and then review the video to see which of the lures or baits caught the most attention. This assessment can allow you to adjust your lures, bait, and technique to experience next-level trolling success.

Know Your Spots, See Your Spots

Among the most surefire strategies for putting fish in the boat is research. Learn whatever you can about your body of water and the species in it. Which shallow weed beds do the predators prowl nearer sundown, sunset, and when it gets colder? Where do they head, and how deep, when the day is at its hottest? A great way to learn more about these factors and life underwater is by putting a fish camera underwater. In addition to being an incredibly fun device to have in the tackle box, an in-line fishing camera is an invaluable way to gather a wealth of data. You can learn about underwater features and schooling trends, watch missed strikes, see what triggers strikes, and so on.

Make It Real From the Boat

Successful trolling techniques, more often than not, are active trolling. Mixing up your speed is a good strategy. Baitfish generally don't swim in a straight line at a perfectly consistent speed. Throw some turns into your route for realism. If you're trolling around currents, troll cross-current. Trolling into the current is going to look extremely artificial to anything watching it. Trolling with the current will result in your bait flashing right by your prey.

Make It Real Under the Surface

Giving your bait the right action is key, with trolling as with any other kind of fishing. Choosing a lure featuring naturally compelling action can work well, such as articulated minnow baits, baits with a soft plastic tail to attract attention, and buzzing or vibrating lures. Jigging the line to provide additional action can trigger strikes, and some will even feed bits of line out and then reel in a few feet for the appearance of a pace-slowing lag back and a speedy dart forward.

About GoFish Cam

Discouraged by a day of slow fishing at a previously hot spot several years ago, Brandon Austin and his brother were frustrated because they didn't know why the fish weren't biting. The only way to find out would be to see what was going on underwater. It triggered an epiphany why not take a look below the surface? From that seed, the GoFish Cam grew. It came to fruition in 2015 as an in-line underwater camera capturing HD video for gaining angling intelligence. With the GoFish Cam, you can learn more about your favorite holes and find new hot spots, improve your trolling or retrieval technique, and forever relive every thrilling moment from your favorite pastime. Alternately, for anyone hoping to make an angler in their life very happy, check gifts for fisherman off of your to-do list with the GoFish Cam.

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