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GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
GoFish Cam
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GoFish Cam

GoFish Cam

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GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater fishing camera that sits on your fishing line and works with a mobile app. Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, and review awesome video content that can be shared on social media.

The GoFish Cam attaches in-line between your main line and leader line. When you take the frustrating guesswork out of fishing, it becomes extremely fun for anglers of any age and skill level. A fishing camera is a perfect tool for novices to learn and have fun fishing, and for experts to gain unique intel to catch more fish than ever before. 

"I purchased a GoFish Cam for my son for our annual fishing trip to Hawk Lake Lodge. The lake at its deepest is around 330 feet. My son was targeting lake trout that were suspended in the 80 to 110 foot range. He was vertical jigging with the GoFish Cam attached to the line. First and foremost the quality of the videos was totally amazing even at those depths. I couldn't believe how many trout were attracted to the lure with only a few actually taking the bait. Of about 40 or so trout that were viewed coming to the bait only 12 actually grabbed it for a hook set. So, without the GoFish Cam, one would have little to no clue that the fish actually came within range of the bait and the camera!" - Stan M.



When properly rigged, you’ll likely get your camera back even if the line breaks. The key is to make sure the line breaks below the camera. Tie the camera between a heavier main line and a lighter leader line. The main line should be at least twice the weight of the leader line to make sure the leader line snaps first.

With this combo, you are covered for 2 years if your camera ever gets lost. Terms and conditions apply. See below.


Use your GoFish Cam in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and capture underwater video when casting, trolling, bottom fishing, ice fishing, kayak fishing, and float fishing.

Until now you could only imagine what was going on beneath the surface. You could only guess about the one that got away. You didn’t know how the fish were reacting to your bait or lure. But now you can. An underwater fishing camera to record your lure lets you see it all!
Unboxing of GoFish Cam:

BENEFITS - Why You Should Use The Underwater Fishing Camera

- Provides insight into your catch, so you can make better decisions, learn, and land more fish.

- See how fish are reacting to your bait/lure, what kind of fish are in that area, what the structure looks like, where fish are hiding in that structure, and more!

- 95% of the fishing experience takes place underwater. Use the GoFish Cam to capture the whole experience in an awesome way so you can re-live your favorite experience and share with your friends, family, and community.

- Take advantage of the Green LED night vision to not only see in deep and dark waters, but attract certain fish species!

-It's great gift idea for Fathers Day Fishing Gifts, Mothers Day Fishing Gifts, Birthday Fishing Gifts, or Holiday Fishing Gifts and Christmas Fishing Gifts!

Terms and conditions of Camera Loss Protection Program:
Limited to one (1) replacement of the original GoFish Cam that was purchased alongside the Camera Loss Protection was opted into. If multiple GoFish Cams are purchased in an order, but only one protection program is opted into at time of purchase, then the protection covers only one (1) of the units purchased, not all. You will have to opt into the same amount of camera loss protection programs as cameras purchased to cover all of them. The 2 year time starts from time of purchase of a GoFish Cam. This protection program may be opted into after purchase of a GoFish Cam with approval and verification from a GoFish Cam team member that the camera is still in possession of the customer. All loss claims are subject to a technical verification process prior to a replacement being sent. 

- Supports 1000 lbs tension

- Tough military standard armor casing

- Green LED night vision

- 500 Feet/150M Depth Rating

- Anti-wobble stability fins

- Three Record Modes:
1080p HD @ 60 FPS, 30FPS and 720 @ 60 FPS

- Compatible with MicroSD cards up to 64GB. no microSD is included 

- Weight - 3.3 oz

- Dimensions - 4in long, 1in in diameter

- Battery Type - Li-Ion rechargeable battery

- Battery Recharge Time - 1.5hrs

- Recording Time:

  • 1.5hrs @ 1080, 60FPS.

  • 2-3hrs @ 1080, 30FPS & 720, 60FPS.

  • *note* Wifi will lessen battery life



Attach to Line

Simply connect the GoFish Cam to your fishing line.



GoFish Cam works perfectly for all the fishing styles.



GoFish Cam captures all the underwater action.


Review & Share

With the app, review & share the experience once reeled in.


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