Unbeatable Strategies for Finding Killer Honey Holes When Fishing

Unbeatable Strategies for Finding Killer Honey Holes When Fishing

Whether you’ve been fishing a body of water for years or just discovered a new favorite spot, fish and the environment are always full of surprises. It can take some work and planning to fish that body of water without getting skunked. Thankfully, there are some reliable strategies for identifying the honey holes, conspicuous or hidden, in virtually any body of water. Those strategies can range from basic environmental observation to employing a fish camera underwater. Here are a few tips that should improve the odds of finding honey hole fishing locations for both the seasoned and beginner angler.


Identify Reliable Environmental Features
There are some classic environmental features of honey hole fishing that are virtually inevitably going to attract fish. Among the most important is structure. Many game fish seek food and protection among docks, behind rocks, pylons, fallen trees, sunken logs or brush, and virtually anything else that provides cover. Weed beds both on and below the surface are notorious fish magnets. Areas along the shore lined with rip rap that extends into the water will draw fish, as will banks and undercut cavities, edges, and margins.

Get Underwater Intelligence
There are often features to a body of water that you can’t see. Discovering features below the surface that attract fish is a vital step in any fishing plan. A good fish finder can certainly prove to be an effective tool, but there’s another recent technology that can prove better because of it’s more realistic HD imagery—the underwater fishing camera. In-line underwater fishing cameras can pick up on features, vegetation beds, otherwise obscured schools of fish, and other additional fishing intelligence you simply can’t otherwise pick up without renting scuba gear. 

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Be Aware of Seasonal Details
Every body of water is in constant flux due to factors such as temperature, oxygen content, baitfish, and other prey’s migrations. The habits of game fish can change season to season, even day-to-day. The most productive honey holes can move, sometimes literally overnight. Generally, fish seek deeper water in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, moving to shallows in spring and fall. Working those shallower weed beds on cooler spring and autumn outings and hitting steep drop-offs during the dog days of summer is common advice. Keep an eye open for unseasonable days for excellent fishing. A nice, warm day in winter and a cool day interrupting a summer heat wave likely means seasonally sluggish lunkers cruising out into more comfortable conditions to hunt.

Do Your Homework
Finally, there’s not much that beats good, old-fashioned research. Take advantage of resources both old and new. For example, studying topographical and depth maps, online fishing forums and fishing reports, even taking a look at the body of water on Google Earth can yield good info. Though some would say there’s no resource better for sussing out a fishery’s hotspots than getting chatty with the folks at the local tackle shop and the old-timers who have been fishing those waters for years. But, for accurate, underwater feedback when you’re already on the water, a quality underwater fishing camera just can’t be beat, especially if no one is willing to talk about or show you their honey holes.

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