Why the GoFish Cam Is Great for Fishing Charter Captains

Why the GoFish Cam Is Great for Fishing Charter Captains

Running a fishing charter business is a dream career for many anglers. There’s no question that those running charters for a living got into the business because they love fishing, but it’s still a job and jobs are accompanied by responsibilities. Chief among those responsibilities is keeping the business profitable. Doing so requires consistently drawing customers to your charter, which means it’s imperative to stand out from the competition. One great way to draw in customers that comes with a ton of benefits is allowing them to take home a video of their experience to share online and promote your business. Rigging up each client’s rod with an in-line underwater fishing camera from GoFish Cam helps accomplish this. The GoFish Cam Is a Great Attraction
Before anyone even steps on the boat, the GoFish Cam can serve as a terrific draw. Mentioning the perk of underwater fishing cameras is very useful in marketing materials to grab the interest of would-be customers. It’s a detail that immediately intrigues people, evoking visions of what might be going on under the water. Clients can not only enjoy the hooking and playing of lunkers but then can also save and relive every thrilling detail of the fight and strike via HD video. They can even get the story on the big one that got away. Use this kind of language to give your fishing charter more allure! It’s a vision far too intriguing for many anglers to pass up.

Post-Catch Videos Are Great Fun On Deck
Once those anglers have come aboard your fishing charter, of course, they have to enjoy themselves. Fishing, by its nature, is enjoyable. However, the goal of continued and increased success requires your fishing experience be more enjoyable than alternative charters—preferably unforgettable!

Having a boat full of giddy anglers watching, sharing, and comparing their strikes and fights that they’re able to watch thanks to the perspective provided by a fish camera underwater creates just that kind of buzz. They’re obviously a blast on any guided fishing trip, but GoFish Cams on fishing charters have yielded particularly electrifying footage, including larger fish, multiple hookups, lost trophies, and even the tax-man (sharks nailing the first unlucky game fish to strike). If the anglers leave your boat ready to share videos with their friends and family, you might just pick up more word-of-mouth business.


Sending Customers Home with Videos Is Great for Publicity and Exposure
In addition to providing a pre-charter draw and a during-charter spectacle for clients to enjoy (when float fishing), the videos caught by GoFish Cam can serve to advertise and publicize your business long after they were taken. After all, this is an age of social media dominance and the seemingly universal popularity of experience-sharing. It’s the most effective and efficient tool for word-of-mouth exposure in history.

GoFish Cam allows you to post those incredible videos on your website and social media pages, and your clients can do it too! Make sure to remind them to post their favorite videos on social media, and to tag your business. Plus, when you feel like fishing solo, the GoFish Cam is one of the ultimate gifts for fisherman as it provides fun footage and the opportunity to improve technique and scout new fishing territory. Use it as a captain to verify structure and species in your marked spots on your GPS.

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