Using the GoFish Cam (and Other Tips) for Slaying Cold Weather Crappie

Using the GoFish Cam (and Other Tips) for Slaying Cold Weather Crappie

Crappie can be notoriously fickle fish on the ice or on open water. Crappie are challenging fish, amazing fighters for their size, and they’re great eating. They’re well worth the challenge, and offer an opportunity for cold-weather fishing. Since they can be such a challenge, here are a few cold weather fishing tips to help along the way and to get you started. Among the most effective of those tips is employing the GoFish Cam, the in-line underwater fishing camera that can prove an advantage to cold weather crappie fishing. If you know any crappie anglers (or those who prefer other species), find out why the GoFish Cam should win spot one on any winter (or summer) gifts for fisherman list. Check out these cold weather crappie fishing tips today!

Active Ice Fishing

Perhaps more so than virtually any other class of winter game fish, crappie and other panfish require active ice fishing. That means drilling a lot of holes, fishing a lot of depths, and having a lot of commitment. So, if you’re planning to go cold water crappie fishing, be prepared for a lot of movement and action. If you’re going onto the ice, bring a power auger, throw in some tip-up rigs, bring a bucket of minnows, and consider bringing a sled to cart all of it around.

The GoFish Cam, Finding Crappie, and Presentation

Crappie are famous for staggering throughout the water column. You aren’t guaranteed to find them on the bottom or near the surface or in mid-water. Depending on the depth, bottom-type, local baitfish schooling patterns, and more, crappie can be at many different water levels. That makes an underwater fishing camera beneficial for finding them. Focus on drilling a line of holes from a deeper section of the lake in toward the shore, preferably toward a weed-bed at the shore. When you drop your jig or bait in a hole, use the GoFish Cam’s function for live-streaming when used as a float at the top of the hole. Check each hole as your bait drops, watch for the presentation that draws any crappie, and when you spot them, focus your fishing there.


Where There Are Crappie…

One of the most interesting finds anglers make when employing the GoFish Cam is how a fish camera underwater can result in the appearance of other game fish caught on videos. That’s certainly the case for crappie fishing, as crappie and other panfish draw bigger hunters, like pickerel, pike, and muskie. Finding schools of crappie means that there’s a food chain being supported there and for multi-species anglers, that can prove a terrific way to find bigger predators. It’s just one more of the many, many benefits of the GoFish Cam.

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