Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For The Angler In Your Life

Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For The Angler In Your Life

Is your dad the hardest guy to shop for? The macaroni noodle art, or a tie, is great, but that doesn’t fly when you’re not 12! We want to make it easy to give your favorite guy something he’ll love and actually want to use this Father’s Day. For anyone with a fisherman father/spouse, here are some great suggestions for Father's Day fishing gifts he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself, but he’d really love to have!

Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Eye protection is important for cutting the glare and getting a better view of what’s happening underwater. Look for a pair of sport sunglasses made for anglers; more specifically, look for options with interchangeable lenses so your fisherman can swap out for the right lenses based on the day’s light. There are options that start around $25, so you can choose an option that lives with the rest of his fishing gear and won’t get lost — unlike his everyday pair. Try checking out the numerous sunglasses that float, this is a huge bonus for anyone going fishing out on the boat.

A Quality Dry Bag

Most fishing gear is made to get wet, but there are a few things that just can’t take the moisture. A dry bag is one of the most valuable tools, but it's one that many anglers forget about and usually don't have on them. Snag one for your dad this Father’s Day to make his days on the water a little bit easier.


A Lasting Fillet Knife

Catch and release is great, but if your dad actually eats his catch, make it easier for him. A quality filleting knife makes a world of difference for cleaning and preparing his catch. Think of it as the difference between cutting into butter and cutting into a thick piece of rope. A better-quality knife can make cleaning and filleting go as smooth as cutting butter. You can expect to spend $50–100 for a really good quality knife that will last him for years to come. And don’t forget a whetstone so he can keep it sharp!

Annual Subscription to a Fishing App

Every angler wants to know the best spot to fish. Get your dad a subscription to a fishing app like Pro-Angler which helps Dad know where, when & what the fish are biting on from local pro's each & every week.

Underwater Fishing Camera

Whether your dad has been fishing for years or is brand new to the sport, a fishing line camera is a perfect fishing gift for dad. This little camera attaches to the fishing line (as the name implies), and records what’s happening in the water. It’s a great way to record all of the adventures of the day, and for even experienced anglers to learn more about their craft. Help him understand what's going on under the surface; what kind of fish are there, and how they are reacting to his bait or lure.

Grab the gift your father will use for years to come. Shop our selection of fishing gear to give the dad in your life a meaningful, useful gift this Father’s Day. Shop now so you’ll have time to wrap it! -


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