Top 10 Mistakes Anglers Make Setting Up Their Rigs - Part 1

Top 10 Mistakes Anglers Make Setting Up Their Rigs - Part 1

So, you want to get out on the water and actually catch a few fish? Don’t we all! If you struggle with getting fish to nibble, you might be guilty of one of these common mistakes anglers make when setting up their beginner fishing rigs. Don’t forget to check back to part one of this blog for additional tips that can help you improve your time on the water. And when you want to get a good view and see why the fish aren’t biting — or maybe just to capture every minute of your success — shop GoFish Cam for our underwater fishing camera. Those common fishing mistakes include:

The Wrong Rod and Reel

If you ever needed an excuse to get out and grab more equipment, here it is. When we talk about using the wrong rod and reel, it will be dependent on what you’re fishing and your own fishing preferences. But generally speaking, you’ll need vastly different rods when fishing for small trout or big ol’ catfish. Using the wrong rod and/or reel generally means you’ll need to put in more effort for less results.

Using Old Hooks

Just like using the wrong type of hook, which we discussed in part one, using an old hook can really inhibit your success. There’s a reason hooks are as sharp as they are, and fishing with dull, old hooks can be a great way to save money, but it’s also a great way to keep missing your catch. Dull hooks mean fish may bite, but they’re a lot more likely to get away — often taking the bait/lure with them.

Trusting Worn-Out Line

Using worn out fishing line is just asking for trouble. When fishing line starts to wear out, it becomes pretty clear. Fraying line means a higher chance that the line will just snap off and let your quarry go before you can reel them in. Do yourself a favor and splurge for some new line; it’ll help you lose fewer hooks and lures, as well as fewer fish!

Tying Weak Knots

Fishing line is pretty slick, so it’s understandable that the knot-tying process can be difficult. Without good knots, however, you face the same issues you do with old line: lost hooks, lures, and fish. Spend an evening or two practicing knot tying to make sure you can tie solid knots when you’re on the water as well as at home.

Ignoring The Forecast

There are few things worse than being on the middle of the lake when the thunderclouds roll in to ruin your day. Even high winds or harmless, gentle rain can have an impact on your day, depending on what and where you’re fishing. Don’t forget to check the weather before you head out.

Get the full scoop on your days on the water and learn more about improving your game. Check out the underwater fishing camera from GoFish Cam and shop online to see how you can better improve your days on the water!

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