See More, Catch More: 4 Reasons Every Angler Needs the GoFish Cam

See More, Catch More: 4 Reasons Every Angler Needs the GoFish Cam

If you’re an angler, it’s a virtual certainty that you’ve stared at the water wondering: How many fish are actually down there? What species, and how big are they? Perhaps most importantly: Why aren’t they hitting? Without the assistance of technology, it’s difficult to know any of that for sure.

Fish finders and other tools are steps in the right direction. Without a true visual tool, however, what’s happening under the surface was destined to remain a mystery—at least before the GoFish Cam came along. Now, you can finally get a window to the other side, the world of the fish you’re stalking, by taking advantage of the GoFish Cam underwater fishing camera. The following are just a few of the ways GoFish Cam has changed everything.
Scouting New Territory

Even with technology like a fish finder/depth finder, it’s easy to miss fish and submarine features. The situation beneath the surface can remain mostly a mystery. While part of the draw of fishing is the uncertainty about what you’re going to catch, no one wants to get skunked. At the very least, anglers want a fighting chance. Taking advantage of a fish camera underwater gives anyone at least that fighting chance. For instance, trolling with a GoFish Cam can cover huge swathes of your favorite fishing territory, revealing underwater features and schooling points.

Improving Your Technique

The best source of practical data anglers can take advantage of to improve their technique is examining the bites they get. Trying to figure out what triggered the hits, and more importantly, the hits they feel, can be frustrating and difficult. One of the most interesting, and practical, revelations of the GoFish Cam fishing camera is how often fish will soft-mouth and spit a bait. Actually watching video footage of a retrieval underwater is incredibly informative. Watching the action of the bait, the movements that trigger hits, and the speed that works best for different species; that information will inevitably improve anyone’s fishing and catch rates. Check out these 4 tips to improve your trolling.

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Float Live-Streaming

What about those lazier days when you’re not looking to analyze your style or do submerged reconnaissance and just want to relax? The GoFish Cam can be employed as a float that’s live-streaming everything happening beneath it. After dark, turn on the fish-attracting green LEDs and watch them swarm.

Watching the Strike and Fight Underwater Is Awesome

The GoFish Cam is the best option for anyone with an unchecked “gifts for fisherman” box on their to-do list. Watching fish stalk and nail their bait, while it happens, and the fight that follows, is awesome. Your angler friend will undoubtedly love your gift. There’s not an angler alive who wouldn’t want to relive every strike and every fight (preferably with jealous friends). Get more information, catch more fish, have more fun, and relive the highlights of your favorite
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