How To Use Your GoFish Cam For Ice Fishing

How To Use Your GoFish Cam For Ice Fishing

Have you tried using your GoFish Cam under the ice? I’ve been using this camera under my tip-ups the last few times I’ve been out on the ice, and I haven’t been disappointed! There’s nothing more exciting than going through your footage and watching a 36-inch pike come up and smoke your bait. Not only do you get to experience amazing fish strikes, you get a video that lasts a lifetime. Learn how to use our underwater fishing camera on your next ice fishing trip.


Using the camera under the ice takes a little more setup than your typical open water setup. It is important to run the camera effectively to get the craziest and best shots possible! I like to use my cameras under tip-ups, I-Fish Pro’s, or even a traditional dead stick. There are a few simple steps I want to cover when using your camera under a tip-up, to help you get the most out of your GoFish Cam.

  1. Be sure to use a heavier tip up line to ensure the camera is safe! I like to use 15-20 lbs tip up line, as this is more than enough to hold the camera and your trophy fish!
  2. Don’t be afraid to run the camera too close to your bait! I’ve ran the GoFish Cam various different ways, and it never seems to affect the fish. I always run a 2-3-foot fluorocarbon leader off the front of the camera to my bait. Typically using anywhere from 10-15 pound fluorocarbon depending on the size of fish I’m going for. This works well to get good video of the strike and the fight.

    *You can always run a longer leader in clear water 
    to keep the camera even further from your bait.
  3. Use swivel snaps in between the camera and your fishing line. This will allow you to
    easily clip the camera off when you're done or need to charge the unit. I always find that packing a portable battery charger is a great tool to help keep your GoFish Cam in action! I like to use two cameras while I’m fishing and switch them out to ensure I’m not missing any action. 
  4. Simply unscrew the bullet cap on the camera, switch it on, hit the red record button, put the cap back on and send it down! Be sure to use the heavy setting on your tip-ups, as this will ensure you aren’t getting any false flags.
  5. HAVE FUN and enjoy the results!

I hope these tips will help get you started using your GoFish Cam under the ice. There’s nothing more exciting than getting your trophy catch on camera! Remember, 90 percent of fishing happens underwater, it’s time for you to go capture it!

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