A Picture Doesn't Tell 1000 Words -Why Fishing is Stuck In a Photo Rut

A Picture Doesn't Tell 1000 Words -Why Fishing is Stuck In a Photo Rut

For the longest time, the angling community has shared their fishing experiences via word of mouth. How else would you be able to describe the experience with the conditions and the details?

Even if you were lucky enough to have a friend standing there with a camera or smartphone to get a photo of you holding the fish, there's still not much to go off of about the story of that catch.

For myself, sharing our experience with the community is important. Every time that I listen to a fellow angler or read a thread on a fishing forum about a certain angling experience, I tend to learn something. Any good angler learns from their own experience, and the word of others as well.

With all this detail in every story and in every catch, the pictures of the catch that anglers have shared contain a nice shot of the fish but doesn’t tell anything of how it was caught, what that battle was like, what was used, or how the fish was even hooked up. No good story started with the end and yet a picture of your catch only provides just that. Anglers need a better tool, something that can tell their story for them. For me, it's a GoFish Cam. With it you can actually capture and share the entire angler’s experience from the cast, the bite, the hook set, the fight and landing the fish. GoFish Cam allows you to capture video of that fish, full of life, in its environment.

Instead of showing a friend a picture of a fish and having to tell a full story, try capturing a video of that catch, let them live the story versus hearing it, and see the difference in their reaction!

As a last point, what’s funny is I’ve focused on what happens if you get a catch… but what about if you don’t end up landing it? “Let me tell you a story… of the biggest fish that got away!” How many times have you heard that before? Well, there’s never really been a way to actually know what that was or what happened… until now!

Check out a clip of a big one getting away here:

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