How To Select The Right Baits For The Early Season

How To Select The Right Baits For The Early Season

Hi fellow anglers! Early spring fishing is finally here and it seemed like a great time to write a short blog post about tips on how to select the right baits for the early season.  This is a short video review of the best fish baits to start off with and how/when to consider progressing up in size during the fishing season, watch here:  

After the long winter months fish usually start getting very active once the ice melts off the lakes and open water is vibrant. Spring is all about rejuvenation so we as anglers and fishing enthusiasts must remember one key thing come spring and that is size will matter!

Any bait fish from the previous year either were lucky enough to have survived the harsh reality of being eaten and have grown to a decent size or they were eaten.  Come spring fish will spawn the next generation of bait fish which will start off a very small fry of bait. Now taking this into consideration in the early months, the best approach for success in to match that same size of bait with your lures.

I would suggest looking through your tackle boxes and bait trays, to find all the baits you have between that 2 inch to 3 inch size and make sure these are lean skinny body style baits. This range in size is a great range to start with and why the baits need to be lean and skinny is that bait fish will not have grown much at all, so they will not have a chunky body style yet, they will be very skinny and with a long styled body.  Find these types of baits and add them into a spring “go to” fishing tackle tray!

As spring progresses and summer approaches you can increase the size of baits, both the length and girth of the baits you are using to once again match the size of the bait as it grows. The number two things to have at the top of the list for what baits fish will react to most are, does the bait have a body profile that the fish can relate to having seen or see regularly and two does that bait move and swim like something the fish have seen and reacted to in their natural environments. Having a GoFish Cam in your line can you help you understand if it's motion is good and how the fish are reacting to it. These two things are so critical when it comes to catching or not catching fish and they are far more important than color or scent.

Spring is a great time of year to catch high numbers of fish and some good quality fish, so you don’t want to be out there using the wrong baits and missing out on that hungry spring feeding frenzy!

Hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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