How To Become A Good Tournament Angler

How To Become A Good Tournament Angler

Every angler, at one point or another, dreams of what it would be like to become a tournament angler and for some, it even becomes a reality. However, you should know that it’s not as easy as one may think! I am by no means a professional angler, but I have fished my fair share of tournaments, and I continue to work hard towards my passions of becoming one. In this blog, I will talk about some tips and tricks to help you out when it comes to tournament season!


Confidence is the number one trait you need when fishing in small or even large tournaments. The thing you’ll find in common with all tournament anglers is that they don’t question their abilities. Even when the going gets tough and they may be faced with unforeseen obstacles, they’re still able to bite the bullet and trust in their instincts. Sometimes leaving a bite that you know has been working to try new things can be super tough! Learning more tactics and having more options in your back pocket is only going to make you more confident in your decisions. Unfortunately, confidence isn’t just something you can pull out of a hat, it needs to be developed over years of practice.


Quality Equipment

Having the right equipment that fits your needs is vital to helping you out on the water. You should also look at choosing the right equipment for YOU, not just something that works for someone else. Be your own angler and find what you like, as this is going to help you gain even more confidence in your decisions. Rods, nets, electronics, boats, etc. are all things that you can personalize and make your own to help you get comfortable while you’re concentrating on catching fish. I want to touch on the GoFish Cam as a scouting tool for tournaments, whether you are fishing a walleye tournament, bass tournament, or a tournament out on the ocean. The GoFish Cam is an underwater fishing camera that sits on your fishing line and is very easy to use. It allows you to have a glimpse on the other side of the water; so that allows you to track the position and activity of fish, verify lure activity, and analyze structure
beneath the surface. These are all important things to understand as 90% of fishing happens under the water. Understanding fish behavior, structure fish are using, and lure activity could be a giant step in becoming a better angler, as well as tournament angler.


Although the saying goes “any day of fishing is a good day of fishing,” this is not necessarily true when it comes to professional angling. A professional angler knows that he’s only able to perform as well as his research allows him to. Every lake has different contours, structure, depths, species, and vegetation. It is important to research that body of water if it is new and get a general understanding on its eco-system. The best research and knowledge is gained by just getting out there and practicing on that body of water. Practice makes perfect and the more time you put in, the better understanding you’ll have of those vital characteristics. PUT YOUR TIME IN!.

Good Equipment

The GoFish Cam is a revolutionary underwater fishing camera that’s great for beginners and pros alike. Not only does our fishing camera allow you a glimpse on the other side of the water allowing you to track the position and activity of fish, but it’s the perfect way to create high-quality sizzle reels for sponsors or their audience. Buy yours today.

Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and partners are a great backbone to tournament anglers. Creating relationships with companies you believe in and want to represent will always be a big support. They will help you grow as an angler and give you the means to become more successful out on the water! Always be open to new partnerships and opportunities that these companies may have, as it could open more doors for you in the future!

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I hope this blog helped you get a better understanding on beginning a journey to becoming a great tournament angler. Whether you’re fishing big or little tournaments, these tips should help you become more successful! Don’t forget to pick up a GoFish Cam that you can take out on those practice days to see structure, lure activity, contours and even fish under the boat. Tight lines everyone and good luck!

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