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How Do I Track My Order?

Order tracking can be done HERE

How do I get started?

Upon receiving your GoFish Cam, make sure to read the manual and register your camera on the mobile application. Instructions are easy: Download the app, enter your product key code and follow the steps accordingly

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What Fishing Styles Can The Camera Be Used For?

The camera is applicable for three different fishing styles; Trolling, Casting, Bottom Fishing

Trolling is the most popular style the GoFish Cam is used for. In this style of fishing there exists the most tension, as there is always a drag. The drag keeps the camera extremely steady and will allow exceptional quality footage.

Casting is another popular style the GoFish Cam is used for. In this style of fishing there may be some shaky footage however as long as you’re reeling the camera will be kept steady. Heavier lures for casting work better than lighter ones.

The GoFish Cam can also be used for bottom fishing. In this style of fishing, make sure the weight is attached prior to the camera’s connection to the line. This way the camera will be facing the hook and not the weight.

How Do I Attach The GoFish Cam To My Line?

The GoFish Cam is very easy to attach to a fishing line. There are two ends to the camera. The back end will be attached to the casting line and the front end to your leader line. You can either tie the lines straight to the camera or tie your line to a snap and use the snap to connect to the camera.

How Long Should The Leader Line Be?

The leader line should be between 1-2 feet long.

How Do You Stop The Camera From Spinning?

The camera is built with a stabilization fin. The fin works best when there is tension or drag from both ends of the camera. As long as you’re trolling, reeling in, or battling a fish you’ll find there is no spinning. The more action, the more stable!

How Does The WiFi Work?

The GoFish Cam emits its own WiFi signal. The camera works similar to how your house’s WiFi; when you leave the range of your house your phone disconnects, and once your phone comes back into range, it reconnects. When the camera comes back into range of your phone, it picks up on the WiFi signal and reconnects. This allows you to review all the footage on your GoFish Cam via our app on your mobile device.

How Far Does The WiFi Go?

The WiFi has been tested to 40Ft out of water.

Current technology for WiFi does not allow it to go under water as the water disrupts the signal. We are working closely with researchers and different studies to make sure that when WiFi has under water capabilities, the GoFish Cam will too!

What do I do if my line snaps and the camera falls off?

We want to make sure you have the best experience while fishing! Keep to these suggestions and you should be in the clear:

  • GoFish Cam is connected between your casting line and your leader line. Generally, if your line breaks it tends to take place near the lure, in which case your camera would still be attached to the casting line. To help increase the rate of a line snap happening on the leader end instead of the casting end, we recommend using a heavy braid casting line and a weaker leader line. With this suggestion, your success rate to retrieving your camera is higher. Double check that you’ve tied the right knots before casting out your line.

Does the camera record sound?

Yes! The GoFish Cam has a built in microphone to make sure that the entire experience is captured underwater.

Can I record in the dark?

Yes! GoFish Cam has been designed with a green lightemitting diode (LED) ring around the camera lens. It also has infrared to capture your image in the darkest of water and for night fishing.

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Can I see my videos on my phone?

Absolutely! GoFish Cam has developed a mobile application to work with your Smartphone. It works alongside the camera wirelessly. We encourage users to view, edit, and share footage.

Where can I share my videos?

GoFish Cam’s mobile application will allow users to share videos through most major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you notice we’re missing one, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us your question at info@gofishcam.com and we’ll respond promptly!


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