Our Partners

Funded with KickstarterGoFish Cam is proud to have received so much support from the angling and tech community through Kickstarter. With just a concept and initial prototype the company was able to successfully raise over $100,000 in pre-orders to help finish and build the GoFish Cam product.

A special thank you to our over the top backers Dan Krueger, John Golotta, Eric Dick, Stephen Agnic, Michael Bundy, Tom Martin, Joey Argento Jr., Dustin Mason, William Buckley, and Jobie Marshall.

To Adrian Goldgewicht. Thank you so much for your very generous contribution through Kickstarter. Without you we truly would not have been able to get here as a business! - the GoFish Cam Team

To Richard Koon,

Not only were you the most significant supporter for us on Kickstarter, but you will always maintain a special part of the GoFish Cam Founding Team's hearts. Your very generous contribution, along with some business advice, allowed us to feel confident in our concept. It pushed us to strive and aim high. Without you there to support us, we would not have been able to reach such a significant milestone in the business. We are extremely excited to have your backing, and can't wait to stay in touch throughout the growth of this business that you will forever be a part of. - The GoFish Cam Team

Our partners