About the Product

GoFish Cam is a Kickstarter-backed hardware and mobile technology company that has developed an underwater fishing camera that sits on an angler's fishing line and works with a mobile application. Learn about the camera below.

Our enhanced underwater fishing camera has been uniquely designed with all fishers in mind. The fishing line camera attaches in-line in between your casting and leader line. It is 1080p HD, has night vision, can go 150M underwater and has been designed with a stabilized fin to prevent the camera from spinning, shaking, or affecting the fishing line. The GoFish Cam works with a custom mobile application.

The mobile app lets anglers easily review, and share their fishing camera footage and allows them to see data about their own catches and each other’s fishing experiences.

Anglers can easily review their footage to help justify their decisions, cut out guessing time, and be more effective while fishing. GoFish Cam aims to give anglers the chance to learn from their experiences by supplying data from which they can learn more about what happened and why.

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