We at GoFish Cam, Inc. (“GoFish Cam”) are dedicated to supplying a first-rate camera product (each, a “camera”) to the purchasing public. Accordingly, we extend this limited warranty to consumer purchasers (each, a “purchaser”) of new, unused GoFish Cam cameras.


The Warranty: We guarantee all cameras against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase by purchasers (the “warranty period”). Our only obligation to purchasers respecting such defects in a camera, at GoFish Cam’s sole option, is to repair, or replace, at GoFish Cam’s sole option, the defective camera. If GoFish Cam chooses to replace a defective camera, it will do so with a comparable camera. The warranty to repair or replace just described is the only warranty extended to purchasers by GoFish Cam. No sale, processing, other handling or other liability is warranted, even if the fault of GoFish Cam.


Important Notes and Conditions: This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or any damage or destruction caused by a purchaser’s use of a camera or any accident which occurs and damages or destroys a camera. GoFish Cam has no liability for any accident, injury, death, loss, or other claim related to or resulting from the use of a camera, and GoFish Cam is not liable for incidental or consequential damages relating to or resulting from the use of a camera. Because of possible user/purchaser resealing error(s), a camera is not warranted respecting any damage caused to it by leakage of the camera housing. It is essential that the user/purchaser follow carefully, and in full, the applicable camera housing sealing instructions set out at www.GoFishCam/instructions when sealing the camera housing. At GoFish Cam’s sole option, GoFish Cam may impose a shipping, handling, replacement and/or restocking fee in respect of any camera returned to it by, or on behalf of, a purchaser.


Instructions Regarding GoFish Cam Warranty Claims:


IMPORTANT CAUTION: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A WARRANTY CLAIM IN RESPECT TO YOUR CAMERA, do not start by sending the camera to GoFish Cam. GoFish Cam will not inspect, service or return to sender any camera which it receives if the delivery does not comply in full with the requirements set out in paragraphs 1-5 below respecting making a warranty claim respecting a camera. GoFish Cam has no liability or responsibility with respect to any such camera, and will dispose of it as GoFish Cam in its sole discretion chooses, without any compensation to purchaser or to any other the person who shipped or delivered the camera to GoFish Cam.


Follow the steps below respecting making a GoFish Cam warranty claim:


  1. First please contact the GoFish Cam Customer Support Team by sending them an email at It is essential that your email describe in detail the problem/issue you are having with the applicable camera and state the date of original retail purchase of that camera. If you wish, you may attach a photo to your email, if you believe the photo is relevant to the GoFish Cam Customer Support Team’s assessment of your potential warranty claim. We may be able to solve the problem quickly via email.
  2. If the GoFish Cam Customer Support Team determines that your problem qualifies under warranty coverage, you will be given a case claim number (a “CCN”) which will be your authorization to return the camera to us.
  3. Then, prepare a shipping package to use to return the camera to GoFish Cam. Ensure that the shipping package is properly packed, padded internally, and secured such as to provide safe, undamaged delivery of the camera to GoFish Cam.
  4. Print the CCN clearly and in ink on the exterior of the package. Include in the shipping package your original consumer purchase receipt (keep a copy for your files) and enclose a note, printed and in ink, containing the following information: your name, your complete return address (no PO Box numbers), and the CCN.
  5. If you are shipping your return from outside of the USA please declare the value as $5 and label the item as a defective product being returned to manufacturer.
  6. Unless the GoFish Cam Customer Support Team gives you other instructions, send your camera in the completed package described in paragraph 4. above to the address below. GoFish Cam strongly recommends that, for shipping the camera, you use a reliable shipper which provides a tracing service to track your shipment, and that you insure the package fully against damage or loss during transit. Also note the important warning which appears at the end of this warranty respecting the shipment of a product such as the camera which contains lithium ion batteries.
GoFish Cam, Main Office

GoFish Cam, Inc.

4801 Freidrich Lane., Suite 109

Austin, TX




Note: Please do not hand deliver your camera to GoFish Cam, even if you are local. The location is not set up to receive visitors. If, when GoFish Cam receives a camera, and GoFish Cam determines that the camera does not qualify for warranty coverage, the camera will be returned to the applicable purchaser.




IMPORTANT CAUTION: When shipping a product which contains lithium ion batteries, please be certain to check carefully and follow completely the most up-to-date information on handling Li-ion batteries for shipping. At the date of printing of this Limited Warranty, GoFish CAM is aware of the following source for that information: However, GoFish Cam does not and cannot warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information supplied by any third party such as appears on that website and urges purchaser to do his/her/its own inquiry as to the current best practices for shipping the camera in relation to its lithium ion batteries.


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