Have you ever wondered how the fish are reacting to your lure or bait? Have you ever thought that it would be helpful if you could see your lure or bait from a fish’s perspective so that you could adjust your lure selection and/or presentation accordingly? Also, have you ever wondered whether or not the fish can actually see your line and, if so, how they are reacting to it? Last, wouldn’t it be great if you could actually record a video of that single moment in time when the trophy you have sought after oh so hard approaches your lure or bait and then suddenly strikes so that you could share the moment with your friends on social media? Well, now you can with GoFish Cam!

In fact, with today’s crop of new technological wonders, underwater fishing cameras can not only enable you to see what the fish are doing, where they are holding, and what the underwater landscape looks like, they can provide you with invaluable insight into fish behavior and how they react to your lure or bait. Also, when used in conjunction with your sonar unit (aka fish finder), they can enable you to resolve many questions you may have such as determining whether or not that amorphous blob you seen on your sonar screen is actually a school of baitfish or whether or not that bottom feature your attempting to resolve is a lunker or a log. “Underwater cameras are giving anglers a new perspective and edge on the sport that they’ve never had before” says GoFish Cam’s Co-Founder Brandon Austin. “Our technology is made to keep advancing this edge”. In fact, many professional fishermen are now using this new technology prior to participating in major fishing tournaments to scout previously unknown territory with some absolutely amazing results! Consequently, instead of spending hours and hours pre-fishing in an effort to find out where the fish are holding and then having to release any fish caught prior to the commencement of the tournament, professionals can now use this new, non-invasive, technology to provide them with insight into previously undiscovered habitat and unexpected fish populations. Then, by creating a waypoint via GPS, these fishermen can quickly and easily return to that location during the tournament and know with absolute certainty that they are fishing productive water instead of barren water. Furthermore, due to major advancements in electronic technology, modern underwater fishing cameras and their accompanying monitors are small enough and light enough to fit in a coat pocket and thus, they can easily be deployed anywhere there is water. Plus, with a retail cost similar to that of sonar units, they are within reach of the average fisherman and, they provide a far more detailed view of bottom structure than even the most expensive sonar unit is capable of. Thus, when paired with a high quality sonar unit, an underwater camera can drastically improve a fisherman’s odds of locating schools of both baitfish and the predators that pursue them; thus significantly improving the quality of the fishing.

So, if you are as yet unfamiliar with this new technology, then you are not only missing out on the newest wave of fishing gadgets, you are missing out on valuable insight that could enable you to land the trophy of a lifetime and to share the moment with your friends!

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