Features, Flora & Fish: Insights Only GoFish Cam Provides for Fishing

Features, Flora & Fish: Insights Only GoFish Cam Provides for Fishing

Whether they’d admit it or not, even the most serious angler can’t help but get a little bit giddy when rewatching the epic strikes and fights recorded by their GoFish Cam. Serious anglers can also take advantage of the fact that having a fish camera underwater gives them fishing insights that simply aren’t available from any other source. Any angler can use the GoFish Cam to access an absolute wealth of unparalleled angling information and intelligence, making it a great tool for evaluating and improving their strategy. These are a few of the underwater features that the GoFish Cam can reveal.

Submerged Structures and Vegetation

Watching back footage from the GoFish Cam can help to identify submerged structures and vegetation beds that would otherwise remain hidden. Weed beds, sunken logs, and other structures are just as telling under the surface as they are on top of it. That’s particularly true of more isolated structures. That weed bed, rock bed, or log breaking up an otherwise relatively featureless bottom is going to be like an oasis in the desert to fish. One you wouldn’t know was there until a GoFish Cam revealed it.


Overhangs and Cuts

It can be very difficult to tell from either the shore or in a boat what exactly happens to the terrain when it runs under the water. For instance, overhangs, cuts, and hollows beneath the surface are absolutely prime game fish habitat and nearly impossible to spot or even pick up with a fish finder. They’re real easy to spot with a quality underwater fishing camera, however.

On the Margins

One facet of fish behavior most often overlooked is their love of margins. Some of those attracting margins are obvious—most anglers are aware that game fish haunt the margins of weed beds. Others are less well-known, such as how the margins of rocky and sandy bottoms attract the prey that attract fish. The margins of one body of water as it enters or mixes with another, where shallow water margins the deep, and cooler water margins the warm are others. The GoFish Cam is great for spotting them.

Interpreting Information to Discover Invisible Features

While the GoFish underwater fishing camera is the top entry on any “gifts for fisherman” list, it can’t spot changes in water temperature, right? While it’s true that anyone watching the video wouldn’t know for sure when they’re looking at a temperature or oxygenation margin, they’d certainly spot the fish there. That is a benefit of the GoFish Cam that there truly is no substitute for—spotting fish drawn by features that are otherwise invisible. There’s no way for the average angler to positively identify a stretch of more oxygenated water or one with a more fish-comfortable temperature, but plenty of conclusions can be drawn by sighting fish and watching their behavior. Take a look for yourself with a GoFish Cam!

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